What is the Magic Line?

Whom do we help?

Since 2014, the Magic Line SJD has allocated 1.200.000€ funding different programs in support of children, adults and elderly people that are in a vulnerable situation and who are assisted in Sant Joan de Déu establishments and social entities. Here and all over the world.

Thanks to the economic contribution of the teams that participate and to the companies and institutions that support the event, we can work in the following fields:


HOME. we offer apartments and social support to destitute families, people in a homeless situation, young migrants and people who need a place to live.  

EMPLOYMENT. we support people with a mental disorder, with disabilities or in a homeless situation to seek work.

HEALTH. we not only offer basic care, but also economical support if needed and additional therapies such as music therapy or therapies involving animals and horticulture. We also invest money in social and biomedical investigation and research projects.

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION. we help developing countries with social support and providing specialised materials.

Get to know the details of the funded projects and programs

- 2019: Valencia

- 2018 - Barcelona / Mallorca

- 2017 - Barcelona / Mallorca

- 2016 - Barcelona

- 2015 - Barcelona

- 2014 - Barcelona

The funds are allocated for the Sant Joan de Déu establishments in Barcelona and Mallorca and other social entities.


SOLIDARIDAD Sant Joan de Déu promotes the Magic Line SJD in Barcelona, Mallorca and Valencia. Orden Hospitalario Sant Joan de Déu works in 9 establishments in Barcelona, 2 in Mallorca and 1 in Valencia, where people with mental disorders or disabilities, sick children or people in a homeless situation are assisted.

Get to know all the  Sant Joan de Déu establishments.