What is the Magic Line?

Sports with values

The Magic Line is a sporting event of social transformation through the promotion of values such as:

a) Conscious and responsible awareness
We provide the participants with the knowledge of the social problems and their causes, the recognition of human dignity and their rights, as well as the awareness of co-responsibility to find solutions and promote commitment.

b) The purpore of the fundraising
The projects receiving the donations are of benefit to groups and not to personal causes. We request beneficiary projects to comply with transparency policy and accountability mechanisms.


c) Social inclusion
Everyone can find opportunities to be a part of it, through adapted participation, promotion, volunteering or financial contributions.

d) Ethical criteria
In our own actions and with partners, we require:

- To respect human rights, the environment and public health.

- To comply with current Spanish legislation on labor, social security, tax and labor risks.

- Not to produce or sell products that are prejudicial to health, such as tobacco or strong alcohol.

- Not to be directly or indirectly related to the manufacture or trade of weapons or any other product designed for violent actions or military use.

- Not to sell products, services or promote campaigns that do not fit with the image and values ​​of Sant Joan de Déu.

e) Communication style
We use rational and / or emotional arguments without appealing to charity or using sensationalism in all communications.

f) Recognition between entities
We connect with other entities promoting sports events with values ​​to give us support, share learning and together spread solidarity through sports. The Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu, Oxfam Intermón and Aspasim recognise each other as organisations committed to social transformation, organising the Magic Line, the Trailwalker and Corremos juntos (Run together), events that share values ​​and styles.

Sant Joan de Déu
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