Participate in the week of Sant Joan de Déu GREAT SOLIDARITY COFFEE

#MagicLiner, from February 1 to the 8, be part of a great event in the whole territory, the SANT JOAN DE DÉU GREAT WEEK OF SOLIDARITY COFFEE in favor of people in vulnerable situations, by teams registered in the Magic Line SJD.


1. Ask for a SJD Solidarity Coffee Kit.
You will find it at zero cost in your Team Space. 
>Includes signage, flags, pennants, a template to decorate cakes and a piggy bank!

2. Assemble friends, co-workers or schoolmates, relatives, and neighbours...
As simple as turning a regular encounter into a solidarity action.

3. Make a cake, coffees, juices, cookies, decorate the room... 

We provide you with the materials to make it very beautiful.

4. Explain the Magic Line SJD, put the piggy bank on the table, and eat!
> The collected funds can be entered into your team space as a donation!


Can you imagine that we organize hundreds of solidarity coffees during a week in Barcelona?