Companies and Magic Line, an Opportunity

Because the Magic Line is a collective movement, getting involved with your school or workplace is an opportunity to increase a sense of unity and community, and even improve school and work relationships by coming together as a team.

There are a few ways in which you can get involved in this volunteer movement:

    • You can create a company team of 5 to 20 people. The minimum amount of funds that you have to raise as a company team is 1.000€!
    • You can also sponsor the Magic Line SJD with more than just monetary donations. You can get involved by donating items needed at the checkpoints during the race, such as water, or even help with setup, takedown, and even transportation aide. 
    • Group volunteering- Join the group dedicated to motivating the participants during the walk and helping those who might need assistance or have questions...

Participating has many benefits for companies: it helps with team building and to strengthen work relationships, build a sense of team pride, and of course, improving local Corporate Social Responsibility. Not to mention, it has its marketing benefits and shows that your company gets involved and cares.

To find out the best way for your company to get involved, send an email to